Fiocruz studies bats and other animals and seeks to prevent a new pandemic – Coronavirus


Huw Evans picture agency

Fiocruz studies bats in Rio de Janeiro

A project led by Fiocruz
Mata Atlântica, in Rio de Janeiro, seeks to study bats and other animals to identify and prevent other possible pandemics. The study, which started in early September, is in line with other research in Asia and Africa.

Bats are a priority in the study, since more than 200 types of coronavirus have already been discovered in the species. Despite this, other forest animals remain under observation, considering the intense proximity between them and humans in many regions of Brazil.

The study coordinator, Ricardo Moratelli, however, explains that there is no evidence that Sars-CoV-2 was transmitted to humans directly from a bat.

“This strain has been circulating in human beings for at least 40 years. And some mutation has made it pandemic. The person who spreads the disease is the human being and spreads not only among people, but also to animals,” he said in an interview with Globo.


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