Fire in apartment, four people evacuated


It burned in a low-rise block in Løvstakkveien on Sunday night. No one should be seriously injured.

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A fire broke out in an apartment in this building. On Sunday at 07 o’clock, the fire brigade left the scene. Photo: Ådne Lunde

The fire was reported at 05.27, and the reporter is said to have seen both flames and smoke from the low-rise block. The fire was then reported extinguished at 05.43.

– We arrived quickly at the site, woke up the residents and control the fire, says operations manager Morten Rebnord in the police.

He says that four people were evacuated in connection with the incident. One of them lived in the apartment that burned down, the other three from the neighboring apartments.

– There was a lot of smoke in the corridors when we arrived, Rebnord says.

According to the operations manager, the three who were evacuated from the neighboring apartments were able to return to their apartments when the fire was extinguished. The man who lived in the apartment that burned down was taken to the Emergency Room for a check.

– For him, we probably also have to find an alternative place to stay, says Rebnord.

Police do not know the cause of the fire, and they will investigate the apartment on Sunday.



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