Fla only draws with Red Bull Bragantino and loses chance to take the lead – 10/15/2020


Near the top of the Brazilian table, Flamengo was in the 1-1 draw against Bragantino and lost the chance to take the lead. Claudinho opened the scoring for the visitors, but Lincoln left everything the same at Maracanã.

With today’s result, Fla reached 31 points, drew with Atlético-MG and Internacional, but fell behind in the tiebreaker criteria. Before the marathon and with many casualties, the Red-black felt the breathlessness against a rival that was applied and organized.

In the next round, Fla will visit Corinthians on Sunday (18), at 4 pm, at the Arena. On the same day, Braga will host Atlético-GO at 8:30 pm at Nabi Abi Chedid.

Lincoln takes Flamengo away

Criticized by many Flamengo fans, striker Lincoln scored the goal that guaranteed at least a spot for Fla, who lost until the 24th minute of the final stage. Like the whole team, the striker got off to a bad start, did little when he played on the left side, but left his mark after a rebound by goalkeeper Cleiton.

Little triggered, Pedro does not appear

Flamengo’s big name in the last rounds, striker Pedro did not have an easy life at Maracanã. Whether for the low capacity of team building, or for the good marking of the rival, the shirt 21 was a blank figure in the match. Little noticed and with no chance to finish, the top scorer gave way to Vitinho.

Flamengo feels the marathon

Amid a streak of six games in the last 15 days, Fla succumbed and felt tired. Visibly below, the team had a hard time creating and failed to print the usual strong pace. With some casualties, the team had a very poor first half, but it grew in the final stage, when Dome made some positioning adjustments and promoted changes in the team.

Braga fulfills mission

Bragantino adopted the expected caution to face Fla at Maracanã, but he was surgical when taking advantage of his best chance created to open the scoring. With a good block in front of the area, the team made life difficult for the owners of the house, who only had greater supremacy from the moment when Mauricio Barbieri chose to defend the result and practically gave his entire field of defense to Fla.

Scare at the first ball

In the first play of the match, the Chilean Isla saved what would be a certain goal for Bragantino. Within the area, Bruno Tubarão took advantage of a defensive back, they finished, but the ball stamped on the side, which saved Fla from the worst with a minute of play.


With less than 1 minute to go, Bragantino made a great move and Claudinho opened the account. At 24, Lincoln took advantage of rebound and headed to tie.

Night of reunions

Currently a Bragantino coach, Mauricio Barbieri rediscovered Flamengo, the team he led in 2018. He led Fla in 38 games, with 19 wins, 11 draws and eight defeats. At his side, the coach had the Chilean Maldonado as an assistant. The former player was part of the team that won the 2009 Brazilian Championship.

New cloak

In the Bragantino game, Flamengo debuted their new third shirt. The new mantle is predominantly black and has red accents. Part of the proceeds from the sales will go to the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.


Competition: 16th round of the Brazilian Championship
Data: 10/15/2020 (Thursday)
Schedule: 20h (from Brasilia)
Local: Maracanã. in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)
Assistants: Leirson Peng Martins (RS) e Lucio Beiersdorf Flor (RS)
WHERE: Anderson Daronco (Fifa / RS)
Yellow cards: Weverson, Mauricio Barbieri (BRA); Lincoln, Aaron (FLA)
Red cards:
Claudinho, 1 minute from the second half; Lincoln, 24 minutes into the second half

FLAMENGO: Hugo Souza, Isla, Thuler, Léo Pereira and Renê; Arão (Bruno Henrique), Thiago Maia and Diego; Everton Ribeiro (Gerson), Pedro (Vitinho) and Lincoln. Technical: Domènec Torrent

BRAGANTINO: Cleiton; Aderlan, Léo Realpe (Léo Ortiz), Ligger and Weverson; Ricardo Ryller, Raul and Claudinho (Hurtado); Leandrinho (Morato) (Cuello), Ytalo and Bruno Tubarão (Edimar). Technical: Mauricio Barbieri


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