Flamengo applies Corinthians the biggest win at home and takes leadership – 10/18/2020


Flamengo beat Corinthians this afternoon (18th), at Neo Química Arena, reached 34 points and is the new leader of the Brazilian Championship. The victory by 5 to 1 happened thanks to the goals of Everton Ribeiro, Vitinho, Natan, Bruno Henrique and Diego. Gil cashed for the São Paulo team.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Atlético-MG and Internacional, who have 31 points, still enter the field in games valid for this round. Colorado catches Vasco, at 18h15, while Galo faces Bahia tomorrow (19).

With the result, Timão remained with 18 points and the proximity of the relegation zone is still a concern. In the next round, Corinthians will visit Vasco, in São Januário, while Rubro-Negro will face Internacional, in Beira-Rio.

Historical score

Corinthians suffered its biggest defeat in the history of its new stadium since 2014. Until this afternoon, the worst defeat had been precisely for Flamengo, which won 3-0 in 2018.

I start with a chance

Corinthians and Flamengo started the match by going on the attack. On the side of Timão, Otero made a good move and Vital, who received in depth, crossed low for Gustavo Henrique’s cut. Shortly after, it was Everton Ribeiro’s turn to try, but Cássio made a calm defense.

Goal canceled

At 9 minutes, the red-black crowd celebrated, but Pedro’s goal was canceled. The striker swung the net after taking advantage of deflection in the defense and displacing Cássio, however, the VAR indicated that the ball had left the ball when Vitinho stole the ball on the right side.

Fla accelerates; Timon with difficulty

After the start, even balanced, Domènec Torrent’s team managed to accelerate the game, impose more pace and cause problems for Corinthians, playing close to the opponent’s area.

On the other hand, Vagner Mancini’s men, after combining good passes and even having more possession, began to be pressured and saw their game get complicated. He missed many moves on the ball and was dependent on Otero’s actions on dead balls.

Now thanks

After almost, Flamengo opened the scoring. After crossing Filipe Luís, Everton Ribeiro went up and, in his head, sent Cássio to the right corner, swinging the net. Shirt 7, recently called up for the Brazilian national team, became a doubt for this match after leaving the confrontation with Red Bull Bragantino accusing pain in his left knee.

Gustavo Henrique leaves after “unusual” cut

Image: Reproduction

Defender Gustavo Henrique had to be replaced in the first half after suffering direct trauma to the testicle. The player even received initial assistance, but shortly afterwards he had to leave the pitch, giving Noga a place. He stood under observation in the locker room.

On the grass

In the final stretch of the first half, Corinthians managed to scare goalkeeper Hugo. First, Camacho took it in front of the area, straightened and hit. The ball exploded in the crossbar. Then, after a corner, Xavier sent dangerously.

Celebrate, Vitinho!

Vitinho, who won the opportunity as a starter in the duel, after a good performance in the first half, was awarded at the beginning of the final stage. After a good move by Everton Ribeiro on the right, shirt 11 received and hit well to expand the red-black advantage.

Corinthians moves, Fla makes one more

After the second goal, coach Vagner Mancini tried to fix the house and immediately made three substitutions, putting Luan, Cazares and Gustavo Mantuan on the field. However, shortly after, Fla reached the third. In a corner kick, defender Nathan, from the red-black base, appeared on the back of the defense and made the third.

It was the young man’s first goal as a professional player.

Another goal canceled

Defender Gil took advantage of Luan’s free kick and, head first, sent it to the net, but the referees pointed out an irregular positioning. The VAR confirmed the appointment.

Everything the same, with goal at the end

In the next minute, almost a replay. In another fault, Luan sent to the area and, again, Gil went up and sent to the network. This time, legal move and validated goal.

Save, Hugo!

Corinthians improved in the match and started to have a greater presence in the attack field. The São Paulo team did not just touch the scoreboard thanks to two saves by goalkeeper Hugo, in the same move. The first showed a quick reaction and managed to catch a kick from Cazares. In continuity, Luan submitted, the ball went up and Hugo managed to spread it out.

Don’t, take

Soon after Corinthians almost made the second, Flamengo reached the fourth. In a speedy attack, Isla crossed, Pedro tried and the ball was left for Bruno Henrique, alone, to push into the net.

Even with the fourth goal, Corinthians maintained the change of posture that had shown with the changes. The team tried to go ahead and found, in the dead balls, a way to bother Fla. Goalkeeper Hugo was forced to appear again.

Great shirt 10

In the final stretch, midfielder Diego scored a great goal! Shirt 10 received, lined up, entered the area and hit Cássio’s exit.

Shirt action

Corinthians and Flamengo entered the field with a shirt from Ação da Cidadania, an NGO founded in 1993 by the sociologist Betinho. Rubro-Negro will also perform with the Christmas Without Hunger logo on their uniforms. After the match, they will be auctioned and the funds raised will be donated to the campaign, which opens this Sunday.


Date and time: October 18, 2020, Sunday, 4 pm
Local: NeoQuímica Arena, in São Paulo (SP)
Referee: Leandro Pedro Vuaden
Assistants: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi and Jose Eduardo Calza
Yellow cards: Xavier, Camacho, Otero, luan (Corinthians); Natan, Bruno Henrique, Thiago Maia, Filipe Luís, Gerson (Flamengo)
Red card:
GOAL: Everton Ribeiro, from Flamengo, in the 31st minute of the first half; Vitinho, from Flamengo, at 6 minutes of the second half; Natan, from Flamengo, in the 12th minute of the second half; Gil, from Corinthians, in the 18th minute of the second half; Bruno Henrique, from Flamengo, in the 26th minute of the second half; Diego, Flamengo, 40 minutes into the second half

Cassio; Fágner, Marllon, Gil and Lucas Pito; Xavier, Camacho (Gabriel) and Otero (Luan); Mateus Vital (Gustavo Mantuan), Everaldo (Gustavo Mosquito) and Boselli (Cazares). Technical: Vagner Mancini

Hugo Souza; Isla, Gustavo Henrique (Gabriel Noga), Natan and Filipe Luís; Thiago Maia (Willian Arão), Gerson, Vitinho (Diego) and Everton Ribeiro (Ramon); Bruno Henrique and Pedro (Lincoln). Technical: Domènec Torrent.


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