Flu vaccine fills pharmacies and have been creating their own circuits


Because of Covid-19 there is a lot of anxiety, groups that usually do not seek the vaccine this year have already booked. In a tour of some pharmacies in the city of Porto and Matosinhos, two of the municipalities that joined the “Vaccination SNS Local” program, which allows those at risk and who are over 65 to receive the vaccine free of charge at pharmacies, the TSF heard calls for serenity.

They still do not know the exact number of vaccines they will receive, but the stock is almost allotted. At the Porto pharmacy, reservations for the flu vaccine started in July, as explained by Adriana Osório, the technical director. “This year we are much more in demand than in previous years and are afraid of not purchasing the vaccines … we in July already started to have flu vaccine reserves from regular customers and other customers, who in normal years would not do so. vaccination but this year they want to do it “.

Next week the agenda is complete, a circuit for the flu vaccine was created.

“The flu vaccines will be given by appointment, the whole organization in the office will be with all care for a safe administration and we will have a corridor just for the flu vaccine”.

Pharmacy Ferreira da Silva, in Matosinhos, also registered a very high increase in the demand for the flu vaccine, reservations started in August and by groups that were not usually vaccinated, says Ângela Campos. “As is the case of children without any pathology , without a health problem. There is a large prescription from doctors and pediatricians and many people in the general population who do not have risk factors but who are looking for this year “


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