FMS extends polio and multivaccination vaccination campaign until the 25th


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After registering low vaccination coverage, the Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) decided to extend the Vaccination Campaign against Polio and Multivation until November 25 in Teresina. The objective is to immunize children from 1 year to under 5 years of age against childhood paralysis, in addition to updating the vaccination booklet for children and adolescents up to 15 years of age.

“We ask that those responsible take advantage of the extension of the campaign to take children and adolescents to the vaccination rooms. It is extremely important to increase vaccination coverage, since vaccines prevent various diseases and prevent outbreaks. This is an act of love, a gesture of individual and collective care ”, says the director of Health Surveillance at FMS, Amariles Borba.

She warns that Brazil has low vaccination coverage and that the situation in Teresina is no different. “We count on the collaboration of everyone to change the scenario. Without vaccinating children against polio, for example, the danger of the polio virus reaching and making people sick is great. It is a serious disease, the person can be injured in the limbs for the rest of his life or die ”.

To have access to SUS vaccines, the population can go to the 65 Basic Health Units (UBS), Centro Lineu Araújo or Children’s Hospital on working days, in the morning and afternoon shifts. Specifically this weekend and the day of the dead (02), 5 rooms will be open (UBS Renascença, Portal da Alegria, Porto Alegre, Santa Isabel and Mafrense).

Among the recommendations for vaccination, the FMS emphasizes that people must carry the vaccination booklet. But even if they do not have this document, they are met. “We also ask that you avoid crowds at the posts, keep distance between people, wear a mask and clean your hands,” says FMS president Manoel de Moura.

Check the list of UBS with vaccination rooms in Teresina, on weekdays:


1. Vila Confiança
2. Leônidas Antonio Deolindo (Saci)
4. Dr José Wilson Batista (Red)
5. Maria de Jesus Carvalho (Porto Alegre)
6. Bruno Rafael Rodrigues De Sousa (Esplanade)
7. Dr Augusto de Castro (Km 07)
8. Dr Durvalino Couto (Bela Vista)
9. São Camilo (Lourival Parente)
10. Dr José Cândido / Carolina Silva
11. Our Lady of Peace (Vila Da Paz)
12. Sérgio Luiz Chantal Nunes (Three Floors)
13. Cristo Rei
14. Pioneiro I / Santo Antonio Park
16. Dr Francílio Ribeiro de Almeida (Angelim)
17. Dep. Xavier Neto (Mário Covas)
18. Dr. Virgínia Castelo Branco (Sta. Clara)
19. Chapadinha Sul
20. Dr Elon Constantino De Aguiar (Alegria)
21. Dr Leônidas Melo (Cerâmica Cil)
22. Antonio Pessoa dos Santos (Let’s See the Sun)


1. Cecy Fortes
2. José Ribeiro de Carvalho (Green City)
3. Memorize
4. Dr Manoel Ayres Neto (Parque Wall Ferraz)
5. Dr Mariano Mendes (Monte Alegre)
6. Brazil Park
7. Dr Evaldo Carvalho (Nova Brasília)
8. Adelino Matos
9. Dr Marcos Guedes (Nova Teresina)
10.       Jacinta Andrade I
11. Dr Fernando Gomes Correia Lima (Jacinta Andrade II)
12. Dr. Maria Teresa de Melo Costa (Mafrense)
13. Deputy Francisca Trindade (Mineral Water)
14. Buenos Aires
15. Two Brothers
16. Bela Vista Rural
17. João Cirilo (Boa Hora)


1. Dr. Onésima Nascimento (Santa Bárbara)
2. Dr Henrique Melo Castelo Branco (Vale Do Gavião)
3. Vila Bandeirante
4. Dr Félix Francisco Pereira Batista (P. Universitário)
5. Mama Mia
6. Piçarreira
7. Dr Francisco José da Costa Sousa (Ininga)
8. Anita Ferraz
9. Vila do Avião
10. Deputy Alberto Monteiro (Soinho)
11. Dr Dirceu Arcoverde (Santa Teresa)
12. Gilmar Carvalho / Santa Luz
13. Coroatá
14. Cacimba Velha
15. Campestre Norte


1. Nossa Senhora da Guia
2. Father Mário Rocchi (P. Esperança)
4. Raimunda Soares Oliveira (Firmino Filho)
5. Dr Gil Martins (Usina Santana)
6. God Wants
7. High Resurrection
8. Little mouth
9. Taboca do Pau Ferrado
10. Dr Chagas Martins (Estaca Zero)
11.       Atalaia


1. Lineu Araújo Health Center
2. Lucídio Portela Children’s Hospital

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