Food – 3 healthy foods that make your belly swollen


Will have swollen belly it is a very common problem and affects, according to the health specialist website Healthline, between 16 to 30% of individuals on a regular basis. Worse than that, we are often unable to identify the cause of this swelling.

Belly swelling can be an indicator of a serious illness, but most of the time it is caused by something you eat. Foods, healthy, which are present in almost all balanced diets, and we don’t even have the idea that they contribute to bloating. To that end, Healthline has made a list of three healthy foods that cause a bloated belly.

Healthy foods that make your belly bloated:

Apples. It is perhaps the most popular fruit in the world. But it has a somewhat complicated digestion due to the high fiber and fructose content. Both substances can be fermented by the large intestine and thus cause gas and bloating. The best way to avoid bloating is to cook the apple and eat it boiled or roasted.

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