Food may help prevent breast cancer



Food rich in antioxidants can help prevent breast cancer and other similar diseases

In the month of breast cancer awareness, different studies show that a balanced diet can help in the control and prevention of the disease.

As much as there is no specific cause for cancer to develop in women, aging and the exaggeration of industrialized foods can influence the appearance, according to a report released by Folha de S. Paulo.

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), the forecast for the diagnosis of breast cancer between 2020 and 2022 is approximately 66,280 new cases.

These figures represent a 61.61% risk of breast cancer chances for every 100,000 women.

For Ana Alves, nutritionist at Chocolife, a reference company in healthy chocolates, the search for a balanced diet throughout life is the great secret to avoid health problems in general.

“Foods rich in essential nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, can contribute to this search for long-term health. Specific sources of phytochemicals such as cocoa (flavonoids), grapes (flavonoids and resveratrol), berries (anthocyanin), watermelon, strawberries and tomatoes (lycopene), turmeric (curcumin), garlic (ally mercaptan), citrus fruits (hesperidin), are able to fulfill these functions, ”he said. When people talk about a balanced diet, it is also quite common to hear the phrase that chocolates of all kinds should be avoided.

According to Virgínia Dias, Chocolife’s CEO, the creation of the business and of different lines was strategically designed in each of the consumers’ needs, linked to long-term well-being.

“Our concern was to make quality sweets available to people who have any dietary restrictions, or who simply wish to lead a healthy life in the long run. For this reason, we are careful to launch new products that meet these needs ”.

The company’s products, in addition to being free of preservatives and can be consumed by intolerant and allergic to dairy products, soy and gluten, also help as a true source of antioxidants.

The line of Chocolife SuperFoods chocolates, for example, was developed with a higher content of cocoa and derived from the Amazon rainforest precisely with a view to long-term health, and as a prevention of diseases such as breast cancer.

“Our concern for the health of everyone, but especially of women, is something serious and true. For this reason, the SuperFoods line is ideal for those looking for a balanced diet rich in nutrients, because in addition to the two potent antioxidant agents, cocoa and babassu mesocarp, they help in the proper functioning of the body ”, said Virgínia.

In the long run, Ana Alves, a nutritionist at the company, believes that the awareness and importance of replacing conventional sweets with healthy sweets that are beneficial to health is even greater.

“We have a society that is increasingly aware of health. And with the replacement of harmful foods, we will help to reduce the rates of breast cancer and so many other metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cholesterol, for example. It is a great pleasure to be able to help the population with our mission ”, he concluded. Source:,prevenir%20novos%20casos%20de%20c%C3%A2ncer.,55%2C2%2F100%20mil.


Source: DINO


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