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It may not sound so serious, but for a Frenchman and a Briton, dinner and football are not something you joke about.

Home evening

It buzzed around the restaurant tables and bars in Paris yesterday. It was the last night on the town for many Frenchmen.

Tonight, everything closes at 9 p.m.

– We just have to enjoy it as much as possible. We go to a restaurant, go from bar to bar and walk on the Champs-Élysées, says 19-year-old Kurty Magdelo, and he was not the only one who enjoyed the last night out in the French capital.

The town’s bars were packed.

There were many who enjoyed the last days of open bars in Paris this week. Tonight, everything closes at 9 p.m.

Photo: Lewis Joly / AP

Lunch, but not dinner

The French authorities are taking drastic action in the fight against the spread of infection, and around 20 million French people have been told to stay at home in the evening.

The reason is that they fear the new wave of infection will overload the hospitals.

But not everyone agrees.

Restaurant owners have long complained about a measure they do not understand the point of, as long as the distance rules are complied with. Many point out that six people are welcome to meet for lunch, but dinner is illegal.

Marseille’s mayor Michele Rubirola, who is himself a doctor, believes the measure is hopeless and calls it a misunderstood attempt to cover up that the government has not used the last few months to strengthen the hospitals.

To take a walk out with the dog during the curfew, you need a signed attestation, possibly an electronic one on your mobile. If not, there is usually a fine of 135 euros.

Football in the living room

France is not the only country with high infection rates in recent weeks. It also looks dark across the canal. In the UK, just under 20,000 have been registered infected every day in recent days. There are many.

And the worst is in Liverpool. The only city defined as a category 3 city. This means that people who live or are in Liverpool cannot meet someone who is not in their own family or another selected family, a so-called “support bubble”.

It has created violent reactions.

On Wednesday, large crowds attacked the police and the city mayor calls people’s behavior a “shame”, writes the BBC.

The result is no pub, no bar and no alcohol service.

Right now they would be smack dab. For today is derby day.

The city’s two big football teams, Liverpool and Everton, meet at 1330, but it must all be seen at home with their own family.

It is now also being considered whether Manchester should be defined as a category 3 city while London is in category 2, writes the BBC.

The reason is simple. They fear that the hospitals will be overloaded and the doctors went out on social media before the weekend and begged people to follow the rules. According to the local newspaper Liverpool Echo, 30 people were admitted with corona a month ago. Now there are over 300.


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