For the 2nd time, pedestrians drink alcohol in gel and take punishment


The dawn on the reality A Fazenda 2020 started agitated for the participants of the headquarters. Right at the end of the ‘Emojis’ party, everyone took a punishment, due to Lipe Ribeiro and Victória Villarim drinking alcohol gel for the second time. Come see what the punishment was and what happened the most during the 4th party of the program.

The 4th reality party The Farm 2020 started on fire in the hay! However, the lively mood at the beginning did not happen at the end. Right after the end of the party, at dawn this Saturday (3), Lipe Ribeiro e Victória Villarim they ingested the forbidden substance for the second time, and the whole house was punished for going 48 hours without gas. The containers with the contents scattered, are for use in sanitation and cannot be used or taken to the headquarters. How was the party started?

First, let’s remember the beginning of the party. However, the “themed” partyEmojis”Started with a live show by MC Kekel, who commanded the reality stage with national funk hit songs. He even was a special attraction of the party that took place at dawn this Saturday (3). Who also passed by the screen of A Fazenda 2020, was the influencer David Brazil, who left a very encouraging message for pedestrians. He asked everyone to “enjoy the party, because the people want to see kisses on the mouth”.

Fazenda 2020: Lipe and Victoria drink alcohol gel

This is not the first time that participants of A Fazenda 2020 drink alcohol gel in reality. The ex-‘De Férias com o Ex ‘, Lipe Ribeiro, is already familiar with the substance and knows that it cannot be ingested or taken into the headquarters. That said, even so he decided to take a chance, next to Victoria, tried it again. After the party was over, Lipe Ribeiro then suggested to Victoria to take a sip of alcohol gel.


“Are we going to have an alcohol gel?” He asked. “Come on,” replied Victoria. “No. You are crazy, ”said Carol Narizinho. Then, the businessman took a bottle of alcohol gel, celebrated for being lemon, passed it in the hands of the peoa and ingested it straight from the bottle. “It’s strong, right?”, He asked. “Wow. But I didn’t want to ”, lamented Victoria, but it was too late.

See the moment of the scene

Pedestrians go 48 hours without gas at A Fazenda 2020

However, the siren sounded and the farmer Juliano Ceglia made the announcement: “According to page nine of the survival manual, all vials of gel alcohol cannot be spread around the farm. They should only be used for hygiene purposes. For non-compliance with the rule, you will be without gas for 48 hours ”.

“Wow, who did this?” Asked Lucas Maciel. “Whoever puts you in the field!”, Shot Jakelyne Oliveira. “Now it’s no use anymore. Tomorrow we get some wood for the stove ”, warned Mariano, who also drank alcohol gel at the party“ Shippados ”.

After the announcement of the punishment inside the headquarters room, Lipe Ribeiro apologized to the pedestrians and said he would be responsible for picking up the firewood. “It was bad, people. Let me assume my mistake. I will get the firewood for us (on punishment days) ”, said the pawn. “My God, it was just a little lick”, lamented Victoria.


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