For this they did not expect. Meghan Markle and Harry brand success in the hands of Donald Trump – World


The brand that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been trying to launch since March, Archewell, is once again at risk, and now because of Donald Trump.
According to the ‘Express’, the messages from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Americans to vote on Next month’s presidential elections are the big reason why the Archewell brand is once again at risk.
Meghan and Harry have participated in lectures and podcasts with a similar speech to that of the Democrats campaign, although they never directly declared support for Joe Biden’s party. If Trump wins the election, the Sussex brand could suffer a blow.

“If Trump won, they would suffer a blow across America […] People would probably look back and consider it harmful, “said brand management expert Eric Schiffer.

Attempts to launch Archewell, a product brand and a foundation, have been a real adventure for the Sussex. First they were banned by Queen Elizabeth II from using the name Sussex Royal, later they failed several of the US regulator’s criteria to create the foundation, including not signing the registration document. In addition to bureaucratic obstacles, the new coronavirus pandemic further delayed the entire process.


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