Former BBB Paula Amorim makes high definition lipo: ‘I’m so happy’


Former BBB Paula Amorim informed Instagram followers that she performed a high definition lipo. She displayed a sequence of photos showing the steps of the procedure, which is also known as LAD.

“On October 7, I performed my high definition lipo. I researched a lot, chose the clinic and made some records for you,” she wrote in the caption of the publication when publishing the sequence of photos.

“I’m so happy! I couldn’t wait to share it with you,” said Paula afterwards. In Instagram Stories, the former BBB gave details about the procedure performed.

“I really wanted to take a fat located on the back. I took advantage and took a little to put on the butt. I added 150 ml in each band, just to give a model. I also made the abdomen a little more defined”, he explained.

In July, Paula Amorim showed details of the routine with former BBB BBB Breno Simões in a luxury hotel in Campos do Jordão, in the interior of São Paulo. Among the published Stories, she showed a bubble bath in the bathtub with her boyfriend.


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