Former top scorers: – This makes Haaland completely raw


Erling Braut Haaland does not look back, and on Wednesday he found the net for the twelfth time in his Champions League career.

With that, he only has Ole Gunnar Solskjær and John Carew in front of him on the list of highest scoring Norwegians in the tournament’s history, and two of those he passed on Wednesday night now pay tribute to the light hair from Jæren.

Facts: Ten highest scoring Norwegians in the Champions League

  • Ole G. Solskjær, 20
  • John Carew, 18
  • Erling B. Haaland, 12
  • Harald M. Brattbakk and Roar Strand, 11
  • Tore André Flo and Sigurd Rushfeldt, 8
  • Jan-D. Sørensen, 7
  • Frode Johnsen, 6
  • Bent Skammelsrud and Mini Jakobsen, 5

– It is of course impressive. I think perhaps the most important thing as I see it is his direct play. That’s what makes him as good as he is. It does not matter if it is Real Madrid who are on the other side of the field or a team in a qualifier or the bottom team in the Bundesliga. He does exactly the same thing, says Harald Martin Brattbakk to TV 2.

Trønderen himself scored eleven goals in 36 Champions League matches (not including qualifiers) in Rosenborg’s glory days, but is far from bitter for having been overlooked on the list.

– I had no relationship with that before you asked, but I think it’s just great. All records are there to be broken. We thought that Michael Schumacher was also unbeatable, with 91 victories in Formula 1, but then comes Lewis Hamilton. The fact that records are deleted only means that the activity you do is constantly evolving, says the former top scorer.

Haaland scored another Champions League goal: – Figures for the history books

– That’s why football is still great

Brattbakk himself became the top scorer in the Tippeligaen for five seasons, and was also the top scorer in Norwegian football’s top division until Sigurd Rushfeldt took over the record in 2011. He believes that there are now new young Norwegian players breaking new records from his own time. on the field helps to raise interest.

– That’s why I think football is still great. There is always a belief that there will be some new ones who shake things up a bit. This applies to all sports, especially in football, and it is of course extra gratifying when there are young players, says the 49-year-old.

This excites Flo

Tore André Flo, one of the best strikers in Norwegian football history, thinks Haaland’s success is fantastic. The 47-year-old is currently employed by the old club Chelsea as one of the people responsible for the club’s loan players, and as an old striker he is clear on which elements of Haaland’s game have impressed.

Tore André Flo from the newspaper in Chelsea.

Tore André Flo from the newspaper in Chelsea. Photo: Srdjan Petrovic

– Of course there are a few different things. He has a very high speed, something we have all seen, and then he is quite raw that he just goes straight to the finish line. He shoots well, takes his chances and goes straight on. It does not seem that he is afraid of anything. He is very fearless, and takes the shortest route to the goal, says the man who in his time was nicknamed “Flonaldo” after ravaging Brazil in a training match at Ullevaal in 1997.

– He basically makes it very easy, but sometimes it is difficult in football to make it easy. But when he has that speed, and takes the quickest route, then he can get ahead of the opponents. If he gets on the goal side of the defenders, he is difficult to stop, says Flo, and elaborates:

– Then he is very smart in his movements. He takes the small jerk at just the right time, he gets on the ball first in a number of situations and he just avoids getting offside. There are small details.

Stryningen is really impressed by what Jærbuen has achieved at the age of only 20 years.

– At that age, I still played for Sogndal, so it is not completely comparable to what I was doing at that age. He is far, far ahead on the trail. He is compared to Ronaldo and Lewandowski, and almost Messi, and the guys there. At the age he is in now. That says it all, says Flo.

Beach: – Absolutely wild

The second to be missed in the number of Champions League goals on Wednesday night was Brattbakk’s former RBK friend Roar Strand.

– Disappointing that he only scored one

– I knew that I had scored quite a few considering that I was a midfielder, but exactly how many I had, I do not know, says the former midfielder.

He himself scored eleven times in 71 matches, or twelve in 74 if one counts the scoring against the Sampdoria League Cup winners – before the Champions League was created as a separate format in 1992. The 50-year-old is of course impressed by Braut Haaland’s twelve goals in ten matches in the tournament .

– Yes, it’s completely wild. Just take off your hat. He is simply completely raw. The physique he has, and when he first decides and smells like scoring, he is incredibly effective. There is no doubt that when he smells goal, it will enter. There are no detours, says Strand.

The verb “braute” is adequate for the style

Yesterday’s twelfth Braut Haaland scoring in Europe’s most generous club tournament was of just that kind, when the light hair received a blow from Jude Bellingham and let the accelerator pedals do the rest of the work. Alone with the goalkeeper, tunnel and 2-0 was a fact.

– He just “breaks” forward. He bends his neck and shoots fast. Then of course he was a little lucky with the finish, but he knows where the goal is.

– You use the word “braute” as a verb, yes?

Haaland receives a special reward from club legend

– It is a Trøndelag expression that you “break” through a lot. But he also does it literally. There is an incredible physique there, says an impressed “Superman” with a laugh.

The man, who himself scored goals in 21 straight seasons at the top level of Norwegian football and won 16 league titles with RBK, also highlights another aspect of Haaland’s play as impressive.

– He is an incredibly good team player. He plays people around him and puts them in situations in front of goal. I am impressed. He also comes to great chances, and he should have had one more yesterday. He could actually center there as well, but he scores eight out of ten times on that one, says Strand.

Braut Haaland’s rocket career is also something that impresses the former profile in Norwegian football, as it is only a little over two years since they really opened their eyes to the phenomenon.

– I remember when he scored four goals against Brann. Then you saw his capacity. And then he has of course taken big steps also side it. For example, I did not know that he was so fast, says the Trøndelag resident.

Erling Braut Haaland – from Bryne to the starry sky

Look now

– Where this can end is difficult to say

For Brattbakk’s part, it has also been extra gratifying to see a talent he himself has been able to observe as a young boy really flourish. The former RBK profile’s son Filip is also a 2000 model, one of Norway’s greatest attacking talent and currently on loan from Rosenborg to the OBOS league club Raufoss.

Do you remember RBK’s jubilant evenings?

– I know how Erling is. It’s incredibly cool to see that there will be some of those who bet. The talent has been undisputed and extreme for many years. But to reach their potential, you have to have the right coach, play on the right team, be injury-free, be in the right place and perform when the national team coaches are watching. There are so many things that need to work, says Brattbakk.

And where can this end for Erling Braut Haaland? At the age of 20, he already has twelve goals in the Champions League, and only John Carew (18) and Ole Gunnar Solskjær (20) ahead of him on that list of Norwegians.

We let Roar Strand have the last word.

– Where this can end, is difficult to say, if he continues like this here. We said at the beginning that this could not continue, but it has done so, smiles the RBK legend.


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