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The party for Lewis Hamilton’s 92nd victory with the Mercedes team and the English bulldog Roscoe – Photo: Dan Istitene / F1 via Getty Images

After all, Hamilton is also the record holder for pole positions, podiums, points, kilometers in the lead … But the ge raised some marks that Hamilton has not yet managed to beat. Yet, because day by day Hamilton has been rewriting history.

Shall we check ten records that Lewis Hamilton still lacks in Formula 1?

Schumacher crosses the finish line in Belgium to reach his seventh title in 2004 – Photo: Getty Images

The great record that Hamilton still lacks, but which he should match soon: that of seven world titles, now owned only by Michael Schumacher. THE six-time champion will turn 36 in January and, if it renews contract with Mercedes, it has everything to become the only record holder.

Schumacher calmly led the 2000 Monaco Grand Prix when he retired – Photo: Getty Images

This is a more difficult record for Hamilton to break. After all, English has managed to this day 52 fastest laps, while the record holder Schumacher has 77. The maximum that the Mercedes driver achieved was eight best laps in a year, in 2015, and this year, for example, he had “only” five. Therefore, to beat Schumi, Hamilton would have to play a few more seasons and increase his average in this statistic.

Number of GPs played

Kimi Raikkonen, from Alfa Romeo, no GP from Tuscany – Photo: Mario Renzi / Formula 1 via Getty Images

At the age of 35, Lewis Hamilton is the seventh driver to have raced the most in F1, with 262. The record holder is Kimi Raikkonen, who is still active at 41, with 325. With 63 deficit races, which is practically equivalent to the number of three seasons, Hamilton would have to extend his career a lot after the Finn stopped running to have chances to break that mark.

Ayrton Senna heading for victory at the 1989 Monaco Grand Prix – Photo: Getty Images

Hamilton is the absolute record holder for pole positions in F1 and is just three from the century-old mark. But in consecutive poles, Lewis has so far hit the post: to date, he has achieved the maximum seven poles in a row and is tied with Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost, while Ayrton Senna, idol of the Englishman, leads the statistic with eight consecutive poles. Currently, the Englishman took pole only in the last race, in Portugal, and needs to continue this new series.

Schumacher crosses the finish line to win for the last time at Monza in 2006 – Photo: Getty Images

Hamilton has everything to break this record even further in 2020. The Englishman has already led 4976 career turns against 5111 record holder Michael Schumacher. This year alone, the – for now – six-time champion has led 490 laps in 12 races, and with five left to the end of the season, he would have to lead “only” 136 of the remaining 320 laps to beat the mark.

Schumacher won in Germany in 2002 – Photo: Getty Images

By 18 times in his career, Hamilton made the “Hat Trick”, which, in a free translation, we can call “beard, hair and mustache”, that is, making the pole position, the fastest lap in the same GP and winning the victory. The record holder in statistics is Michael Schumacher, with 22. In 2020, he already managed the hat trick three times, in the GPs of Hungary, Tuscany and Portugal.

Jim Clark crosses Lotus at Silverstone in 1965 – Photo: Getty Images

“Grand Chelem” is the term used in Formula 1 to define a “perfect race”, with pole, fastest lap and victory from end to end. Hamilton is already the vice-leader in this statistic, having made the “Grand Chelem” in six occasions. The record has been owned by Jim Clark since the 1960s, with eight. In this year’s season, despite the great dominance, Hamilton still has not achieved any “Grand Chelem”.

First consecutive rows

Ayrton Senna in action on the streets of Monte Carlo in 1989 – Photo: Getty Images

This is a record that Lewis Hamilton will still have to fight hard to achieve … After all, the best first row in a row belongs to Ayrton Senna, with 24, between 1988 and 1989, and the Englishman arrived at the last Portuguese GP 11 first rows in a row, all in this year’s season. Therefore, the Mercedes driver would have to start in line for another 15 times in a row to hit the mark. Or start all over again …

Vettel crosses the finish line to win the 2013 Brazilian GP – Photo: Getty Images

Another brand that Hamilton will have more difficulties to overcome. The maximum the Englishman has achieved to date has been five straight victories, and the record holder is Sebastian Vettel, with new, in 2013. In 2020, despite the loose lead in the table, Lewis “only” managed to win three races in a row and, at the moment, is in a sequence of two wins. In other words, to beat Vettel’s mark, he will have to win eight more tests in a row. Or start a new sequence.

One season wins

Schumacher celebrates his victory at the 2004 Japanese Grand Prix – Photo: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has already won 11 races in the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 seasons, but he has not yet reached the 13 wins in one year like Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013). With eight victories in 2020, the Englishman could even tie with both in the record if he wins the remaining five races this year. To hit the mark, you will need other attempts.


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