Fortnite – How to find all XP Coins for week 8 of Season 4


To level up on Fortnite, players in addition to completing common challenges can collect XP Coins, the currencies of week 8 of season 4 of chapter 2 of the game have already had their locations discovered!

There are 4 types of currency, this week being four green, three blue, two purple and one gold. And here in this post we will teach you how to collect them all!

As you continue reading you will see our guide on how to find all these XP coins, but to make the guide more intuitive and explanatory visually, we will use some videos from the North American channel EveryDay FortNite to exemplify the location of the coins, in addition to clear explanations in words.

How to find all XP coins from week 8 of Fortnite season 4

Fortnite week 8 blue XP coins

  • The first blue coin is close to the gun, in a house a little higher, it will be in a closet.
  • The second is very close to this week’s golden coin, a little further to the left of Pantera on a beach with a hut. It will be in a briefcase, just break it.
  • The last blue coin is located to the right of the Stark industries, very close to the sloppy dock. She will be in a trash can next to a dog house

Green coins week 8 XP bonus

  • The first green coin is located in the Fort in the bottom left corner of the map, just go up and pick up the coin under the lighthouse.
  • The second is just above the Pantano Glup, it will be right on top of a royal victory.
  • The next one is in the bottom right corner of the map, it will be right on top of the bathtub on a forgotten beach.
  • The last green coin will be above the Stark Industries and to the left of Scorching Chimneys, right at the top of a mountain.

Purple Coins week 8 XP bonus

  • The first purple coin is located just below the Stark Industries on top of a tree, just build it to get it.
  • The last one will be to the right of the Destination Domain, within the Stark Industries. It is located among some pine trees in the region.

Golden coin week 8 XP bonus

  • The golden coin will be at the bottom of the map, right on Pantera’s tail.

With that, you have everything you need to find all the XP Coins for Week 8 of Season 4 in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS e Android. The version Battle Royale The game is free to play and has microtransactions within the game.

Check here how to download the game on its different platforms.


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