Found the friend killed – feared the killer was in the apartment


This week, Makaveli Lindén (22) will appear in Oslo District Court, accused of having killed Heikki Bjørklund Paltto (24) in the victim’s own apartment, in Arbos gate on Majorstua in Oslo.

Four friends lived in the apartment. Coincidentally, Heikki Paltto (24) was the last to go to work on Monday 15 October 2018.

Just before eight o’clock in the morning, his best friend left for school. Just minutes later, Paltto was attacked by Makaveli Lindén, according to police.

DEFENDANT: Makaveli Lindén admits that he killed Heikki Paltto. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

When the friend came home from school at 12 o’clock, he did not have a key with him. He therefore climbed into the window of his room. He responded that there was an unusual amount of clutter in the apartment.

Objects were thrown around on the floor.

Found handwritten sheet on cell

– Then I saw a person lying on the floor with a lot of blood around him. There and then I first thought that someone was trying to fool me, but I quickly realized that it was not like that, the best friend said, when he testified in Oslo District Court on Tuesday.

Was terrified

He eventually realized that it was Paltto, his best friend he has known since they went to kindergarten together, who was lying on the floor.

– I checked his heart rate, and I tried to do everything right, but I felt that there was no point. There was so much blood.



Suddenly, the friend says, he was seized by fear. He was afraid that the person or persons who had injured Paltto were still in the apartment.

– I ran out the porch door, jumped over the wall and into Majorstua primary school, where there were lots of students out for free time. I shouted to the teachers that they had to help me, he says.

Police and an ambulance were then called. Paltto was pronounced dead at the scene. Forensic scientists determined that the deceased was stabbed more than 40 times with a knife.

Tough interrogations

Shortly after the traumatic experience, the comrade was taken to a police interrogation.

As the police had no idea who had committed the crime, he was asked in-depth questions by the investigators.

– I thought about it a bit, but I had to try to relax as much as possible. I knew it would go well, he says.

He says that the last two years have been tough, but that he has received a lot of support.

“Do not know if I can do this”

– But of course there are things that are left behind from what happened, and I notice that in certain situations, but according to the conditions it goes well.

Showed pictures

In court, the prosecutor presents several photos of the apartment at Majorstua. They show that it was very messy – far more messy than usual, according to the friend.

The police believe two things: That there has been a fight between Lindén and Paltto, and that the Swede has messed around in the apartment, probably in search of valuables.

Lindén put on several items of clothing he found in the apartment, including the Fjällräven trousers for his friend in the witness box.

On Monday, on the first day of the trial, the mother of Heikki Paltto told about the loss of her son while the perpetrator sat a few meters away and listened.

Lindén himself admitted that he committed the murder and he showed remorse. Both public prosecutor Trude Antonsen and defense counsel Øystein Storrvik want the 22-year-old to be sentenced to compulsory treatment.


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