Four practical tips to lose weight and maintain quickly


Many people are even able to lose weight fast, however, soon afterwards they regain not only the weight they lost, but gain twice as much. This is totally associated with outdated and inefficient weight loss strategies that inevitably lead to the accordion effect.

Nobody loses weight wanting to put on weight again. So, if you’re losing weight, you want it to be forever. The following 4 practical tips for you to lose weight fast maintain weight without regaining lost pounds.

1 – Tidy up your cabinets

It is much easier to avoid the urge to eat chocolate when he is miles away from you, than when he is in your kitchen cupboard. So, during the weight loss process and maintaining the lost weight, keep your cupboard tidy with healthy food. If you feel like eating unhealthy foods, the ones you like, you can even eat them. However, not your stock at home.

The opposite also applies. Keep healthy foods ready, on hand, easily accessible to you. A very simple example is peeled and ready-to-eat fruit in the refrigerator.

2 – Schedule your purchases

Make a weekly list, a routine with the right days to go to the supermarket so that you keep your closet healthy.

3 – Set up your “corner”

Have a right environment to train. If you train at home, reserve your training corner, with the scheduled times and days, to establish a routine.

4 – “Training accessories”

Have your training clothes. The one you put on, train and take off. Likewise, leave your workout playlist “right”. The favorite songs to train. It makes getting in the mood easier.

These tips may seem simple and even silly, but the main basis of weight loss is in control over your environment. The environment defines your weight loss and the maintenance of lost weight.

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By environment, understand that this is where you live. Unfortunately, we cannot change or create our ideal environment. However, we can transform it little by little, making constant improvements that can make it easier to obtain your results. This all makes the process lighter.

And there’s more. After the age of 40 it is not any physical exercise or food that makes you lose weight. You need specific strategies. I post some of them daily on my Instagram (@Zanomacedo) to help you lose weight and define your body after 40 years.

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If you have doubts about weight loss, get in touch with me, tell your story and tell me your question so that I can make it a theme for one of the next columns here in “Emagrecer É Pra Já”.

It is not difficult to lose weight. Often what you lack is not motivation. The problem is that everything is disorganized. When you organize these routines it facilitates weight loss. When you prepare the environment, it helps you to have more discipline, it helps you to train more easily and to stay firm in your diet. This makes everything easier for your brain, makes it more automatic and consistent.

So, consistency leads to long-term weight loss. Use smart strategies and lose weight quickly and easily!

A big hug and see you next time!

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