Four talks after the downturn at Alfheim: “Must be kept healthy – otherwise there is a sharp crisis in TIL”


TIL-KFUM Oslo 1–1

1) Fitim Azemi

A few days after the news of Runar Espejord’s long-term injury, there is no doubt about Fitim Azemi’s importance in the coming weeks.

When Azemi went off the field at the position 1-1 against YMCA Oslo after 88 minutes without a goal, it was with a sore thigh.

Which worries many who follow TIL. Because if Azemi does not manage to play every week, there is real trouble at Alfheim. Although Eric Kitolano has delivered well, TIL is dependent on having a goal scorer with him in order to secure promotion.

And when TIL, through sponsors, has invested so much in both Azemi and Espejord, there is reason to be worried. Loss of points against teams like YMCA Oslo is not included in the accounts that will result in the «Elite Series 2021».

2) Eric Kitolano

In a big downturn in terms of results, Eric Kitolano was one of the highlights. Almost as usual. With his tenth goal of the season, Kitolano is in the process of consolidating his position as the top scorer for “Gutan”. And when we take into account that he has six goal-scoring passes, we are witnessing a player who through the corona season 2020 has made himself the main attraction at Alfheim.

As is well known, speculation about Azemi’s future is already well underway – despite the fact that his contract does not expire until the end of 2021. This is because if the contract is not extended, he must be sold this winter if TIL is to get anything special with money.

Those who follow TIL probably hope that this will not be a scenario that becomes a reality. But for every day that passes, the matter is by definition unresolved.

3) Unable to hold on to the lead

Against Sogndal last weekend, TIL lost two points with around 10 minutes left. The same thing was to be repeated against YMCA Oslo this Saturday.

YMCA defended well against TIL, and kept them to only a couple of real chances. Obviously too weak at home for an ambitious TIL team. And with 1-0 with a small quarter left, it went as it had to go.

A good offensive period by the away team ended with captain Simen Wangberg being last on the ball before it ended with YMCA profile Stian Sortevik who put in 1-1.

4) Increased management for one day

Fortunately for TIL, Sogndal lost to Raufoss, and TIL increased the lead to six points at the top of the table with 21 games played.

On Sunday afternoon, LSK (38 points, 19 games) and Ranheim (37 points, 20 games) meet in a match that may prove to be very important for TIL’s direct promotion chances.

Winner Ranheim, both they and LSK are still good with. With LSK victory, Ranheim is far from being eliminated from the battle for first place.

But there is no doubt that the two lost points against YMCA had come in handy to not have to wait until the last round of the series in early December to secure the promotion.

Next weekend, the Trøndelag team in Stjørdals / Blink is waiting on the road for «Gutan». Hard enough.


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