France changes the name of its Contact Tracing app


In the fight against COVID-19 there are strategies that have not worked and it is necessary to find better solutions or adapt. Regarding contact tracing apps, used to track COVID-19, changes are being made, including a name change.

In France the name of the app will change to encourage downloading.

COVID-19: the StopCovid app is now called TousAntiCovid

According to TechCrunch, the French contact tracing app has not been very successful. In this sense, strategies have been devised and the first change is the name. The app that until now was called StopCovid is now called TousAntiCovid (All Against Covid).

In June, the French government released data on the StopCovid app. After three weeks of its launch, 1.9 million people downloaded the app, but only 14 notifications were generated. Four months later, the StopCovid app was downloaded and activated by about 2.8 million people. However, “only” 13,651 people put the code in the COVID-19-positive app and 823 exposure notifications were generated.

COVID-19: France renames its contact tracing app

In Portugal, as we all know, the contact tracing app is called STAYAWAY COVID-19. . The number of downloads skyrocketed significantly and the number of codes generated also after the discussion generated by António Costa. According to recent figures, the app has already been installed by more than two million users and 323 user codes have been entered that tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Regarding the name of the Portuguese app, there are many who criticize since the app, being Portuguese, should have a name in Portuguese.

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