France. Man who beheaded a teacher asked students to identify him


THE man who beheaded a teacher on a street in the Parisian suburbs on Friday waited outside the school where Samuel Fifth, 47, taught classes and asked several students to identify him. The information was advanced by officials of the anti-terrorist brigade.

Once identified, he followed the victim, who was making his way home on foot, and inflicted several blows with a knife, eventually behead-lo, tell BBC.

The man later published several images on social media of the beheaded corpse of the teacher who had shown caricatures of the prophet Muhammad to the students. The attacker was then cornered by the police in a neighboring town and fired with air pressure at the police, before being shot down by the authorities.

At least ten people related to the murder were arrested this Saturday and the police are investigating possible links to extremist groups islรขmico.

The attacker has already been identified by the attorney general’s office as Abdulakh A., 18 years old, born in Moscow and originally chechen. He was not known to the authorities.

The attack took place at about 5 pm (4 pm in Lisbon) near College du Bois Alder, where Samuel taught in the city of ConflansSainteHonorine, about 30 kilometers from the French capital.

A national tribute will be paid to Samuel Fifth next Wednesday.

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