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RESPONDS: Fredrik Solvang reacts to the criticism of his tie knots. – Incomprehensible, he writes on instagram Photo: Cicilie S. Andersen

Fredrik Solvang does not want to be told that his tie knots are “pernicious”. Whether we’re talking about a double windsor knot, a Plattsburgh Knot, or the classic four-in-hand knot, for that matter.

– I take the tie knot debate seriously. Ties are one of very few ways to separate the chaff from the wheat among men, says Fredrik Solvang to VG.

It was the columnist “Knute on the thread” in Morgenbladet in a post earlier this week under the title: “Fredrik Solvang is supposed to be” well dressed “, but consistently runs a terrible tie knot”, which made the profiled NRK presenter react.

– It is incomprehensible to me how one can prefer an asymmetrical (read: crooked) tie knot which with the right (read: wrong) textile only looks like a half-hearted regret of a tie knot, suitable for the lazy and leisurely with crooked corneas, Fredrik answers Solvang on his instagram profile on Thursday.

He also emphasizes that he “has nothing to learn from those who run to the tie department with the shiny, thin cloth strips of silk, polyester or viscose”.

But at the same time Fredrik Solvang appreciates «the sharp ability to observe» another of Morgenbladet’s columnists «The Aesthetist» shows in his answer to «Knot on the thread»

– She is absolutely right that I occasionally alternate between double windsor and “some half editions”, but there is no simple windsor I alternate with. It is a Plattsburgh Knot, which is symmetrical, but not as thick as a double windsor, Solvang writes further in his post on instagram.

He tells VG that it is NRK’s ​​tie he uses on TV.

– I master four or five knots, says Fredrik Solvang.

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