Friday: Toledo registers 13 cases and 29 recovered from the new Coronavirus


The municipality of Toledo returned to record cases of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), this Friday (16). In total there were 13 more cases, with 29 people recovered from the disease. The data was announced earlier in the evening through the daily newsletter of the Municipal Health Department and the Emergency Operations Committee (COE).

New cases

This Friday (16), 13 more cases of the new Coronavirus were registered. Among them, seven were discovered in the Unified Health System (SUS), and six were identified in the Private Health System.

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In SUS there were seven new cases, six of which came from RT-PCR exams (04 male and 02 female). Another case was also detected by means of a rapid test, affecting a male person.

In the Private Health System there were six more cases, three of which were diagnosed through RT-PCR tests (02 male and 01 female). Another three cases were diagnosed by means of rapid tests, affecting three female persons.


As good news, Friday had the relevant number of people who entered the newsletter as recovered from Covid-19. Altogether 29 more people were cured and now the city has 5,753 people who have overcome the disease.

Bed occupancy rate

In the coverage area of ​​the 20th Health Regional of Toledo, there are two hospitals that have exclusive beds for the care of patients who contracted the new Coronavirus.

The first one is the Moacir Micheletto Beneficente Hospital, in Assis Chateaubriand, which has 14 infirmary beds, two of which are occupied and with 14 Intensive Care (ICU) beds, of which seven are occupied.

The other Health Unit in the region to have exclusive beds for the care of Covid-19 patients is the Bom Jesus Hospital, in Toledo, which has 24 ICU beds, of which 12 are unavailable.

The total bed occupancy rate at the 20th Health Regional is 14.29% of the infirmary beds and 50.00% of the ICU beds. The data are equivalent to patients hospitalized in the region until 9:00 am on October 16.


At the moment, the municipality of Toledo has 11,923 cases notified for the new Coronavirus, with 5,831 of them already discarded and 109 still under analysis. In total, there are 5,983 residents of Toledo who tested positive for the new virus, with 5,753 recovered and 160 people who continue with the active virus, in addition to 70 people who lost their lives due to the disease.

Currently 21 citizens of Toledo are admitted to hospitals in the municipality and the region due to complications caused by Covid-19. Of these, 10 are in nursing beds and 21 are in ICU rooms.


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