from lover to BFF, Raissa overhears Mirella declaring herself to her ex


During the ‘Likes’ party at A Fazenda 2020, MC Mirella took the opportunity to talk about her ex-boyfriend with Raissa Barbosa, who has already been pointed out by peoa as her ex’s lover. Bo chat, the funkeira confessed that she still loves Dynho Alves.

MC Mirella enjoyed the ‘Likes’ party in The Farm 2020, to vent about how much she still loves her ex-boyfriend Dynho Alves. However, the funkeira chose precisely Raissa Barbosa, who at the beginning of the program was pointed out precisely by the singer, as the lover of her ex.

First of all, the evening event counted as a main attraction the country duo Fernando & Sorocaba. The musicians appeared on a big screen in A Fazenda 2020, and through the live show sang their main musical hits such as: ‘É Tenso’, ‘Bom lad’ and ‘Madrid’, in addition to the launch song ‘Menina de Fivela’ .

Fazenda 2020: MC Mirella says she still loves her ex-boyfriend

Right after the toast, MC Mirella talked to Raissa about the ex-boyfriend she left here. The chat, packed with lots of drinks, was enlightening for the audience. The singer literally opened her heart and vented to her confining colleague, who still wants to resume the relationship one day. “I really love him. I’m very afraid of him being upset because of Gabriel and everything. The only person I love in life is Dynho. He knows, Ra, ”she said.


However, it is worth mentioning that right at the beginning of the program, Raissa was pointed out precisely by Mirella as being the mistress of her ex-boyfriend. The statement at the time, of course, had repercussions on social networks. So much so, that the funkeira did not even want to compress the paoa in the first meeting with the pedestrians in A Fazenda 2020.

But, it seems, the ex’s mistress became BFF in rural confinement. However, in the captured images of the party, it shows Mirella confessing to Raissa that she is still very much in love with her ex.

‘Lover of my ex’, says Mirella

Before all the friendship started between the two, Mirella did not like to know that she would spend her confinement with Raissa, with whom, in the first days, she said she was her ex’s lover. In short, the funkeira even complained and refused to even greet her on the first meeting with other participants.

The situation became so ugly, that all the participants and of course, the public, learned about the story. What’s more, many were in favor of Mirella and criticized Raissa. “Look, my ex’s lover. I didn’t speak, I didn’t speak. Guys, I don’t believe in this antics. Ah, I can’t believe it ”, said Mirella, in conversation with other participants.

Soon after, Raissa went to Mirella and then introduced herself. “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Raissa, ”he said, revealing embarrassment at the meeting between the two.

From lover to BFF?

Apparently and the cameras of A Fazenda 2020 do not lie, MC Mirella and Raissa Barbosa finally got along. Too many would say. The two, who at first had everything to be rivals in the game, struck a sudden friendship on the show. The fact is, it just shows that the funkeira has already forgiven and that everything was past waters.


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