Fuels without price changes


Fuel prices are expected to change from Monday. . In the case of gasoline, the reference value is 1,443 euros, while diesel costs 1,253 euros.

However, quotes can vary from position to position, since the price fixed in the network must also take into account the level of competition, supply and demand in each market.

According to the latest report from Brussels, Portugal has one of the most expensive fuels in Europe. The European Commission’s data also makes it clear that the large share of the price charged for each liter of fuel goes to the state coffers.

Among the 28 Member States, the average reference price for petrol is around 1,266 euros per liter, while ‘diesel’ is worth 1,101 euros per liter. In the eurozone, a liter of gasoline costs 1,314 euros and a liter of diesel costs 1,122 euros.


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