Future of the iPhone. What if Apple launched a mobile phone without a cable entry?


Un of the most talked about subjects of Apple’s most recent presentation was undoubtedly the absence of the charger in the box of the four new iPhone 12, with Apple adding just one cable and hoping that users will make use of the old chargers (or buy the new model).

Apple indicates that the decision was made to reduce the carbon footprint, an explanation that has not eased protests from followers. Apple also announced the integration of the system MagSafe, which makes use of magnetism to ‘stick’ a wireless charge (and other accessories to the rear panel of the iPhone 12.

At the outset, these two elements can be seen as two different themes, but, deepening the issue, it is possible that the two are interconnected. What if Apple removed the Lightning entry found at the base of iPhones? And if in the future a iPhone without any cable entry?

It may seem like fantasy, but if we look at the recent past of the company, nobody would admit the possibility that the entry of audio 3.5mm was removed. The announcement that iPhone 7 would have no input from audio was received in 2016 with protests from fans but, four years later, we see that almost all manufacturers followed the same direction.

As MagSafe making wireless charging more efficient, the need to resort to wireless charging would be neglected. Judging by the accessories that Apple intends to launch in the near future, the company’s focus will be on the diversity of ways to recharge the iPhone at the expense of the process of recharging the mobile phone the traditional way.

A perspective on one iPhone without any cable entry would also make it easier to create a smartphone completely proof Water, also eliminating certain problems in these holes like dust.

The rumors that have been shared also point in this direction. Later this year, information circulated that the iPhone 2021 would have no entry, with Apple making the iPhone 12 a transition phase to a smartphone exclusively with wireless charging.

Confirmation of MafSage may serve as a sign of things to come, but at this point, Apple continues to keep the mystery about it. It remains for us to wait for 2021.

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