Future of war? China shows massive launch of “suicide drones” (video)


Have you ever heard of suicide drones? China recently carried out a test with the launch of “suicide drones”. These drones can be launched from trucks prepared for this purpose as well as helicopters.

The goal is to be able to destroy targets from a distance. See the video was published by CAEIT – Academy of electronics and information technologies of China.

Although we live in a highly technological world, where it is believed that wars between countries pass more through the digital field (through cyber attacks) the truth is that it is not so. Today, technology is also used to develop attack / defense solutions.

Suicide drones can reach 150km / h

Recently the China’s CAEIT published a “scary” video that shows suicide drone launch bases. The drones, which function almost like rockets, are launched from trucks (in the video an armored Dongfeng Warrior car) and helicopters, reveal how the future wars could be.

The South China Morning Post reveals that the unmanned aircraft looks similar to the CH-901, China's first tactical attack drone that measures 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) in length and weighs 20 pounds (9 kg). Although small, this type of drone can be powerful. The drone can travel at a speed of 93 miles per hour (150km / h).

Future of war? China shows massive launch of "suicide drones" (video)

These suicide drones can also fly for 120 minutes before detonating. Scary scenarios! There is no specific information on what the new drones are for and whether other countries should be concerned. Unmanned aerial vehicles are controlled remotely and easily from a tablet.


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