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One of the great promises of women’s football, Gabi Nunes suffered from injuries that left her without acting for about a year. Even so, the player, who was a top scorer in the Brazilian Championship, never lowered her head to continue in the sport.

In an interview with the My Timon, Gabi Nunes recalled the mark left by the ruptures in the ligament and the almost re-launch in the 2020 season – the player was available at Majestoso, Corinthians’ last match before the pandemic.

The São Paulo game was my first game that I could be with the girls again, feel that dressing room environment. Of course, the desire was great to be able to help in some way on the field, but I knew it would be a few and with patience, but the joy was immense just from being there. Soon the pandemic came, a moment that nobody expected, but all the Corinthians commission provided all the support for us, every day we had training, we had meetings with a nutritionist, with our psychologist and of course the athletes were super professionals in their homes, even with months without training in groups, we returned at a very good level and technically“explained Gabi.

When you are coming back from injury it is normal to be careful with some moves, divided and be afraid of suffering the injury againbut as training and games go on, today I am completely recovered and without any fear to be able to play, I am 100% ready to keep looking for my dreams “, he added.

Faced with great support from Corinthians, the rehearsal came on August 26, 2020. With the resumption of the sports calendar, Gabi Nunes took Adriana’s place before the 20 minutes of the second stage. On the occasion, Arthur Elias’ team was crowned with a 2-0 victory against Ferroviária. Still not rocking the nets in the season, the athlete recalled the most special goal with the shirt of the white team.

“It was a huge happiness (playing again), because it was not easy to live this time of injuries, but I had all the support from Corinthians, I recovered with the best doctor, with the best physiotherapists and with the best structure that Corinthians has, I had help from my family, from people who like and follow my career. This was fundamental so that I could return well and confident again on the pitch, “said Gabi Nunes.

This year I haven’t had the opportunity to score a goal, but every day I train more and more to be able to help in the best way. I look for the goal every moment because that is my characteristic, but one hour comes naturally and it will be a great joy for me. A special goal at Corinthians was the goal of my last lap on the field, where I had the opportunity to make the first of the year in a classic Corinthians x Santos, we ended up winning 3 to 1 “, he recalled.

Corinthians was the first placed in the first phase of the Women’s Brasileirão this year. The team totaled 42 points in 15 matches, 14 of which were victories and only one loss – the second place was Santos, with 33 points. Now in preparation for the quarterfinal dispute, the striker stressed the importance of the work done by coach Arthur Elias, who keeps the squad competitive and manages to shoot the pieces without losing the great performance on the field.

We train a lot every day so that everyone can be at the same pace, we have a very good team, there is always a healthy competitiveness in training that always makes us do our best in training. Arthur trusts all the players, even taking a player out of a game when another one enters she knows what to do and that makes our team always aligned and focused on one goal“, reinforced the striker.

With a good time with the base team and having already been the greatest scorer of the Brasileirão, Gabi Nunes revealed the dream of returning to wear the shirt of the Brazilian team. The alvinegra athlete told how she has been preparing to dig a place in the team of the Swedish Pia Sundhage, who will compete in the Olympic Games next year.

I train a lot to always be prepared for the opportunities that appear. I already had the opportunity to go through the base team where I was very happy. I learned a lot from all the people I worked with inside that I always take with me. It has always been my dream to be able to play an Olympics, as I said, work to be prepared if I have the opportunity to be there I will be very happy and I will do my best to help. But if it is not the time, I will continue working with my foot down so that one day I can serve the Brazilian team again “, concluded the Corinthians.

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