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Launched less than two months ago, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may not have become the darling of the specialized press, but it had no major flaws pointed out in the reviews released so far. Some users, however, have reported problems with the phone screen after use with the S-View Flip protective cover, which would have left an area marked on the display.

The reports, found both in the official forum of the brand and in the social network Reddit, indicate that the part of the screen left on display by the cover – used for notifications and some shortcuts – is “tarnished”, with a different color tone from the rest of the component .

Side of the screen not covered by the cover (top) shows a stain (Image: Reproduction / Mumzik69)

Some of the publications claim that the use of applications that “fix” burn-in (the name given for when the screen is permanently marked) solves the problem, which indicates that it is in reality a temporary image retention.

Other comments point out that the culprit for the damage to the screen is the exposure of the cell phone to sunlight, which would damage the organic material of the panel (the “O” in OLED / AMOLED) only in the area shown.

Either way, it is recommended to avoid keeping images or static information on AMOLED screens, and to seek technical support from the manufacturer if the device presents the problem.

Fonte: Samsung Community, Reddit

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