Galiotte admits mistake with Luxa and promises “technical” choice for substitute


Internally, Maurício Galiotte admits that he made a mistake in choosing the name Vanderlei Luxemburgo to lead Palmeiras. The president is keen to emphasize that the now ex-coach had a good time, managed to help with the reformulation, but that he did not fit with the speech he made about a style of play.

To close people, the top hat stated that “the choice will no longer take into account the coach’s name”. In other words, it is unlikely that Alviverde will hire medallions as he did with Cuca, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Luxembourg itself. Veteran names like Abel Braga, for example, are discarded.

The top hat stated that the most important thing is the implementation of a game model, something that meets what he calls palmeirense DNA. He knows that for that he will need time and is willing to pay for the new hiring throughout his term of office, until next year, even if the results take longer to appear.

The president’s routine has been practically the same as that of Anderson Barros. The two spend the day talking to technical representatives, seeking information and receiving reports from their performance analysis team.

Galiotte does not want to repeat the mistake of 2019, when he promised to modernize football and did not comply when signing Luxembourg. At that time, he even analyzed the name of Miguel Ángel Ramírez, from Independiente Del Valle, but he listened to some members of the Management Board and opted for someone more experienced.

The president promises that he will not fall into the same mistake by giving in to political pressure to make the choice and will stick only to the technical and tactical side. For this reason, Ángel Ramírez was again among those quoted. His great experience with grassroots categories is also considered.

Palmeiras has alternative plans, and among them are Rogério Ceni and Guto Ferreira. The favorite is the Spanish, but the two Brazilians are also under analysis. The board of directors is aware of the resistance that the former goalkeeper would suffer for his São Paulo past, but has a lot of admiration for the style of play. It is important to highlight that there was no official proposal for any name, only an analysis of the situation of each one.

Chiqui Arce, today at Cerro Porteño, was put on the table, but has already been discarded after announcing that he intends to continue on Cerro Porteño, in Paraguay. Gabriel Heinze has great support from the fans, but there is a fear that the Argentine will make many requests for new hires, something that Alviverde cannot offer for economic reasons.

Other names will appear as candidates for the vacancy left by Vanderlei Luxemburgo. If Maurício Galiotte keeps his promise, only those who have a style of play marked by dynamism and intensity will be considered.

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