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The new beta version of the Gboard keyboard has updated the “Emoji Kitchen” function, which joins emojis to create new personalized faces on Android phones. In the update, the application generates curious icons by combining improbable figures, such as unusual facial expressions, animal families, mixed foods with animals, natural phenomena and bizarre images, such as poop emoji ice cream. The functionality can be used in several messengers, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger.

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The emoji merge feature already existed and is available to everyone on the stable version of the Google keyboard. To use, just type an emoji and wait for Gboard to show traditional figures with different facial expressions. In the beta update, the changes appear when the user types two identical emojis together. In this case, a differentiated emoji will be shown on the left of the screen, separated from the rest by a vertical bar. The cowboy emoji, for example, becomes a human body made of cowboy emojis.

Gboard creates funny and bizarre emojis by joining stickers in beta – Photo: Reproduction / AndroidPolice

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The changes go further when the user decides to type two different emojis that are available for use in Emoji Kitchen. In these cases, the combinations can result in figures such as an exploding emoji, an angel with glasses, an icon of poop with the appearance of a microbe and a face splashing and vomiting.

Figures created by Gboard show human faces with different expressions – Photo: Reproduction / Android Police

Joining animal emojis also results in different icons. Two panda emojis generate the figure of a parent panda and a cub panda, while two rabbits will result in a family of rabbits with a litter of bunnies. You can also see a tortoise with glasses, a cowboy rabbit and a panda with cat ears.

It is also possible to mix everyday icons, which will result in figures such as a cake with party balloons, a rainbow heart, a pineapple tornado, a bee with a queen’s crown, a frozen cloud and peppers in a flame of fire.

Gboard unites emojis and creates unusual figures – Photo: Reproduction / AndroidPolice

Some mixtures will result in bizarre figures, such as a spider with an avocado body, a poop-shaped party balloon, a shower of fire flames, a hot dog dipped in coffee and a shower of confetti mixed with spiders.

The 9.9.12 beta version of Gboard was released days ago and is available on the Google Play Store, but the feature has not yet been released to ordinary users on the stable version of the keyboard. Remember that personalized emojis created with the Emoji Kitchen function are sent in conversations in a larger size, with a sticker format.

Bizarre emojis are created in beta function of Gboard – Photo: Reproduction / AndroidPolice

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