‘GDP forecast’ is up 1.06% in August, but falls 3.92% in one year


The IBC-Br (Economic Activity Index of the Central Bank), considered an informal “preview” of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), closed August with an increase of 1.06% in comparison with July, according to data released today by the Central Bank.

In relation to August last year, there was a fall of 3.92%. In the accumulated index from January to August, the index registered a decrease of 5.44%. In 12 months, the GDP preview shrank by 3.09%.


The BC indicator is seen by the market as an anticipation of the GDP result. It is released monthly by the Central Bank, while GDP is released every three months by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

The IBC-Br serves as a basis for investors and companies to adopt short-term measures. However, it does not necessarily reflect the annual GDP result and, at times, is quite distant.

The BC indicator takes into account the trajectory of the variables considered to be good indicators for the performance of the sectors of the economy (agriculture, industry and services).

The estimate incorporates the estimated production for the three sectors, plus taxes on products. The GDP calculated by the IBGE is the sum of all goods and services produced in the country during a certain period.


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