Gears 5 gets more history, Bautista and improved on the Xbox Series


We have known for a long time that Gears 5 will be improved on the Xbox Series with refurbished graphics, 120 frames per second and more, but the developers in The Coalition have been working on more than that lately.

The story mode will also have more content when Gears 5 is updated on November 10 on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. Then there are, among other things, two new levels of difficulty called Ironman and Inconceivable for those who really want to test themselves. What hopefully makes these a little easier is that we also get New Game +, ie the opportunity to start the story again with all of the Jack upgrades and skins. Among the latter, we find new ones for Kait, Del and JD, but the one most people will notice is that Dave Bautista fans finally get their wish.

It will be possible to replace Marcus Fenix ​​with the so-called Batista in story mode, which includes the voice. If you want even more fun, it is also possible to turn on modifications such as big heads and other “Mutators”. All this in addition to getting cinematic sequences at 60 frames per second, no textures or objects that are suddenly loaded and a number of other improvements that will only be on the Xbox Series family sounds very good, but it does not stop there either.

In an interview with Miranda Sanchez from IGN, the developers say that there will be a story expansion hinting enough called Hivebusters in December. Other than that, they just want to say that it will take 3-4 hours to complete and that we will get more information in the beginning of December.

You can check out almost everything except the story expansion in the trailer below.


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