Gears 5 is the same on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X … What’s going on?


In case you didn’t know, Gears 5 was supposed to improve significantly with the arrival of the Xbox Series X, by showing the maximum potential of the game that hasn’t been on the market for that long… However, this is not what is happening, especially when we put the I play side by side, one on the most powerful new generation console on the market, and the other on the ‘old lady’ Xbox One X.

Gears 5 is the same on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X… What’s going on?

Therefore, 4 images of the game were shared on Twitter, which of course, allows a direct comparison of the famous title on the two Microsoft consoles. Now see below:

As you can see, if there are differences, they are completely insignificant, which is strange, since the Xbox Series X version should have higher resolution textures, higher quality filters, greater depth of field, improved shadows, reflections improved, superior image processing, etc…

In short, what is actually happening in this Microsoft effort?

(Last minute) We already know the PlayStation 5 interface!

It seems that the leaks about the console interface were right! After all, Sony just released a video revealing everything or almost everything about how players will interact with the new PlayStation 5.

So the new user experience (UX) on PlayStation 5 is completely focused on the player! Now read:

“We believe that your playing time is precious and should be meaningful. And all the news that we are bringing are inspired by this concept and were designed with this vision in mind. The new UX has several aspects designed to make the players’ gaming experience more fun, attractive, personalized and social ”.

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