Geisy Arruda puts her breasts to play and leaves advice on the web


Geisy Arruda (Playback / Instagram)

On the night of last Tuesday (13), Geisy Arruda returned to flaunt her good form on social networks, and with her breasts almost exploding with a very bold neckline, the cat advised her followers.

“Today’s tip is for girls: 💕Drink lots of water, love each other first, because you are YUMMY for Po # E Separate the Men from the mulekes! Good night ”, she wrote in the caption of the publication.

With over 20,000 likes, fans of the beauty demonstrated their reactions in the post; “My people, what a most perfect woman,” said a young woman. “Proud to love this woman who only puts me up,” said another person.

Still on social media, the muse appeared with a sexual maid fantasy, and announced the topic of his newest episode of banning podcast.

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