Girls learn to change tires and see oil level


Girls learned to change tires, check car wheel pressure, monitor the oil level and how to react in the event of a car accident, at a course at Stella Maris College in Sydney, Australia. The workshop took place last week and, according to the school, the initiative aims to teach life skills to the students and “encourage girls to be strong, independent and resourceful young people”.

The course was carried out by the company Galmatic, composed mostly of a female team, which teaches other people to do vehicle maintenance. The company approached the school earlier this year to assess the space’s interest in providing the students with the course.

“We teach up to 100,000 teenagers a year in schools, all over Sydney,” Galmatic’s director Eleni Mitakos told the Daily Mail Australia.

For the director, it is essential that people know the vehicle they have and know how to deal with emergency situations.

“The main objective is for teenagers to feel comfortable behind the wheel. Ultimately, they are driving very large vehicles that can be very expensive to maintain if they are not properly treated. You should never ignore a problem with your car, you need to resolve it. for your own safety. “

Amy Smith, the school’s assistant director of well-being, said that all the teenagers enjoyed the course very much and considered that the initiative helps the girls to see that they are capable of dealing with different situations alone.

“O feedback [das alunas] it was very positive. All teachers and the principal felt that a workshop like this would be beneficial for many reasons, mainly [por ensinar] skills that girls need to learn before they leave school. It was also important to show girls that they have the ability to deal with situations alone when they’re on the road, instead of depending on someone else. “

On Friday (23), the college shared photos of the students participating in the course and wrote on the Facebook page that the initiative aims to “encourage our girls to be strong, independent and resourceful young people”.


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