Giulia Costa talks about acceptance and ‘addiction’ to filters on Instagram


Giulia Costa used social networks to vent about aesthetic standards. The actress revealed that she has difficulties to accept herself and ended up getting used to using filters on social networks.

“That of accepting and loving is a long process. When I talk to you, I talk to myself too. Clearly, I still have problems with self-esteem and acceptance. So much so that today I only appeared here with a filter,” she explained on Instagram Stories.

“I was taking a filter, because I always like to avoid it. I ended up opening the camera without a filter and saying: ‘my God, I’m ugly!’. I started to get addicted to the filter. No, that was not what I wanted”, she completed in the sequence.

Giulia says that she often ends up worrying about aesthetic issues. But he stressed that he seeks to feel good, avoiding any kind of charge on his appearance.

“Whether or not we let ourselves be carried away by these pressures. Today was a day that I felt horrible. I saw everyone doing a lot of procedures and I was very bad,” he said.

In September, Giulia Costa received a tribute from her mother, Flávia Alessandra, on social networks. “I promise to protect, love and care for your hearts every day,” she wrote on “Children’s Day.”


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