Giulia Costa talks about beauty standards on Instagram


The actress Giulia Costa decided to answer some questions from her fans on Instagram. The brunette asked netizens to ask questions about her life and ended up venting about the pressure of society and standards of beauty.

It all started when a fan of the actress asked if she was working out during social isolation. Giulia Costa decided to be honest with the fan and replied that she had not been practicing physical activities for a long time. The actress also said that she had to be isolated because of the coronavirus and that she was not motivated to work out.

In addition, Flávia Alessandra’s daughter also commented on how social networks can affect self-esteem. Giulia Costa confessed that she felt bad to see everyone doing cosmetic procedures, as it seems that now people are looking for perfection on Instagram.

The actress also says that she is walking towards self-love, but that it will take a long time to happen. Giulia also said that she has self-esteem problems and that she only appeared on Instagram if she used a filter.

The brunette took the time to let off steam in Stories and said she was hooked on Instagram filters. Flávia’s daughter also said that she tried not to use them, but that she felt very ugly without them.

The actress ended the outburst saying that she will try to appear more on Instagram with a clean face. In addition, Giulia Costa also said that despite not being motivated, she has been practicing Yoga as a physical activity. After her outburst, fans of the brunette left several comments on her photo praising the actress.


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