Glimpse-bang after gigatabbe


  • Molde – Bodø / Glimt 4-2 (2-1)

An injured Bodø / Glimt were to suffer their first loss of the season when they visited Aker Stadium tonight. Molde in a good scoring mood played great in the second half, and did not give up until they had scored four goals on Glimt’s last defense Nikita Haikin.

Haikin had a difficult day at work, when he first played the ball straight into the legs of Eirik Hestad on the 3-1 score to Molde and was unlucky when the ball went under him on the 4-1 goal of Magnus Wolff Eikrem.

Eikrem was also Molde’s first goal scorer in the match, while Ohi Omoijuanfo was the man who made it 2-1. Sebastian Tounekti and Vegar Moberg Leikvoll were the goal scorers for the guests.

– Molde will be the first team to stop Bodø / Glimt in the Eliteserien. Glimt will win the series, but today it is Molde who can cheer, says Eursport commentator Kenneth Fredheim after the match.

– It was a very good match. I thought it was fully deserved that we won in the end, Eikrem said after the match.

– First of all, I want to apologize for those goals. It is my responsibility and I disappointed my teammates today, said Glimt’s goalkeeper Nikita Haikin after the match.

This was Bodø / Glimt’s first loss in 20 matches in the Elite Series.

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Important victory

Early in the season, most people thought that the gold match would be between Molde and Bodø / Glimt. But while the Glimt train has continued to run, Molde has been in very poor shape lately. In tonight’s settlement, the home team should show that they are also a good team.

Molde was the best team in the first half hour, but it was Glimt who was to take the lead. Sebastian Tounekti was the man who led the guests up to 1-0 with a wonderful score. But the joy was to be short-lived.

Shortly afterwards, Magnus Wolff Eikrem tipped in the equalizer after Brede Moe had saved an attempt on the line from Eirik Hestad. 1-1, and the teams were equally far.

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And the home team was not finished there.

A wonderful finish by Ohi Omoijuanfo with the outside of the foot in the last minute of the round, allowed Molde to go to the break with a 2-1 lead.

– It was delicious. It is good that we come back when we are below, it shows character, Ohi said in the break interview with Eurosport.

Werner double not enough in thriller

Werner double not enough in thriller

Huge loss

The second round was to start with a huge loss by Glimt’s last defender Nikita Haikin. Haikin played the ball straight into the legs of Eirik Hestad, who could easily put the ball in goal.

– It is a terrible goalkeeper mistake, said Eurosport commentator Kenneth Fredheim.

Shortly afterwards, the home team increased the lead to 4-1 with Magnus Wolff Eikrem.

It did not help that the returned son Vegard Leikvoll Moberg reduced to 4-2 for Glimt. This means that Molde takes an extremely important victory in the medal match.

The three points mean that Molde climbs up to second place in the Eliteserien, and reduces the distance to Bodø / Glimt, which is on its first loss of the season. It is still a long way up for Molde. Superb Glimt still leads the league with 16 points.


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