Globo actress Maria Zilda reveals exchange of roles for sex: “give the tail”


One of the veteran actresses of TV Globo, Maria Zilda returned to cause controversy in their lives this Friday, 30.

In a conversation with the channel’s actor, Oscar Magrini, she confirmed that the famous sofa test exists on the network:

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“I know very well how it worked. It is not the sofa test, it is the ass test, ”he revealed.

Then Maria Zilda complained about Globo not giving opportunity to veterans and valuing other types of talent:

“My love, but they think that Ibope doesn’t work. It gives Ibope who has a like on YouTube, who has a big dick and who gives a tail to the director. You know that, ”he said.

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Oscar Magrini also shared a similar thought:

“It happened a lot. Nowadays, do you know what it is? Even if the guy is going to give his tail and put the big boy there, and the big boy sucks. It screwed, ”he declared.

What do you think about the revelations?

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