Globo fires big name after harassment and humiliation scandal


Journalist Daniela Falcão is no longer part of Vogue Brasil. The statement was released last Friday (16), stating that the decision was an agreement between Editora Globo, Condé Nast and Daniela.

She was the editor in chief of the magazine and, until then, assumed the position of general director of the joint venture between Grupo Globo and the international publisher Condé Nast.

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In September this year, Buzzfeed released an article with several reports of humiliation and harassment suffered by former newsroom employees.

“Every time someone came back from the bathroom with a crying face,” revealed one of them.

In a press release, Editora Globo’s editor-general, Frederic Kachar, states that Daniela is leaving the group to pursue personal projects.

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“After ten years of dedication, work and partnership, Daniela Falcão will leave Edições Globo Condé Nast at the end of this year, in common agreement with Editora Globo and Condé Nast, to fulfill an old desire to dedicate herself to consulting and people projects.

In the coming weeks, we will work together on the transition and planning for 2021, ”said an excerpt from the statement.

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