Globo journalist reveals she was abused and tells rape story


The journalist Ana Paula Araújo, featured on Rede Globo, launched the book “Abuse – The culture of Rape in Brazil”, where she reports some episodes on the subject and one of them, which happened to her.

There are 320 pages, the result of four years of research and more than one hundred interviews with victims, family members, criminals, psychiatrists and several specialists on the subject.

These are heartbreaking stories, such as the case of collective rape practiced by three teenagers against a 15-year-old pregnant woman, who still watched her son’s father beheaded in Uruçuí, Piauí, three years ago. The journalist came face to face with the criminals.

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“I spoke with such coldness that I was afraid”, describes Ana Paula, referring to one of the three.

In writing the book, the journalist came to a conclusion: “Men have to be educated to respect women, to learn what consent is.”

The journalist recalled when she was abused on the bus. When she woke up after falling asleep, she saw that a man who was on the side had her face on his and with his hand on her thigh. She reflected:

“We women, we receive a lot of guidance that we have to be careful, pay attention to men. And what I say about the book is that, in fact, we have to educate men, right?

The problem is with them. Men have to be educated to respect women, to learn what consent is. We are teaching girls to protect themselves – as if there is something 100% effective for us to be completely protected from a sexual attack – and we do not educate men ”, says the journalist.

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