God, Fatherland and Family: That’s Kanye West’s speech in the race for the White House | Celebrities


Singer and producer Kanye West, also a candidate for the presidential of the United States of America, released the first video of his official campaign to the more than 30 million followers who follow him on the Twitter platform.

In the video, the singer’s first appearance is before a black and white American flag, with patriotic and ultra-religious statements and with images of families in prayer. He appealed to supporters to elect him as a “candidate writer”. “What is America’s destiny? What is best for our nation, our people? What is true justice due to? ”, Are some of the questions he leaves in the air. “Returning to the faith, we will be the kind of nation, of people that God intends us to be” says West in the video, presenting images of nature.

The video was the first major action of the West campaign in this election, which contests with Republican candidate Donald Trump, whose rapper has already supported, and with Democrat Joe Biden. The reason for the candidate’s little bet in this presidential campaign, is due to the fact that the singer, who has 21 Grammys, is a patient diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, some political analysts point out that his candidacy may steal votes from Biden.

In addition to the audiovisual campaign, Kanye West has a website and merchandising, from hats and T-shirts, with prices between 4 and 160 euros. As for the policy proposal, it focuses on reforming the police and the judicial system, reducing student debt and restructuring the education system to better serve the most vulnerable.


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