Google Chrome 87 prepares radical change for PDF viewer interface


Google Chrome just received version 86 on the stable channel, but beta 87 is already preparing for radical changes, at least in some parts of the world’s most popular browser.

The update, in tests, adds a new interface for viewing PDFs. Now, a panel to the left of the pages appears with a list and preview of all material, in addition to the list of chapters, when available.

Another future novelty is that the viewer will be able to show two pages side by side, with a new option in the floating menu for zooming. Some other adjustments have been moved to the top bar, so that they are visible all the time, instead of disappearing after a few seconds of inactivity.

While this is the most accessible novelty so far of the next browser update, other additions are being promoted in the background, such as support for the getUserMedia API. It will allow videoconferencing interfaces within the browser to benefit from the control of connected cameras compatible with the execution of remote commands, for position adjustments, for example.

Still on streaming video, but for both video calls and media consumption, the Steams API is being tested, which promises to make the browser more efficient in dealing with streams by allowing channel interoperability. This option should come enabled by default with the update.

Remember, these new features are being tested, and Google may change its mind about releasing them with Chrome 87, leaving them for later or even discontinuing them.

A function in tests is also the possibility for the browser to work with different tabs on two-screen or even foldable cell phones.

And you, what do you think of Chrome’s new PDF viewer? Tell us in the comments!


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