Google is testing shopping tool on YouTube, says agency – Link


YouTube is testing features with a limited number of channels on the platform

The products that appear in videos on YouTube may soon be available for purchases within the platform itself. According to the news agency Bloomberg, Google has started testing purchasing features with some content creators.

The report states that the company’s goal is to transform the YouTube in a “virtual mall” where it would be possible to buy almost everything seen on the platform. For the project, Google is also testing integration with the e-commerce platform Shopify, says Bloomberg.

A YouTube spokesman confirmed to the news agency that the company is testing these features with a limited number of channels on the platform. In addition, the company stated that the tools are only part of an experiment and also explained that the creators would have control over the products displayed.

Other digital platforms are betting on virtual malls linked to the creation of content, such as Instagram. In June of this year, the social network launched a tool so that entrepreneurs as digital influencers, for example, could sell their products in addition to stores.

In addition, in early July, Instagram announced that it was testing putting the shopping button on the platform’s main page. In August, the app also gained a tab for personalized purchases in the app that gathers, through algorithms, the preferences of each user when buying products. Instagram’s last move in this direction happened last week, when the company announced the launch of the shopping tool on IGTV and Reels.


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