Google Maps will indicate whether the locations have many or few people


The world changed. Gatherings, social contact, and socializing came to be seen as harmful in this pandemic state. Thus, sanitary rules require distance in all places where human beings may be. Google, with the traffic experience, will bring to Google Maps a new feature that will tell us how busy a place is.

This new feature can help people avoid going to places with many people, putting themselves at risk. The rules are tighter and tighter, some by decree already!

Google Maps will show if there are too many or too few people in the places

One of the most useful features of Google Maps, especially in the age of social detachment, is the ability to know how busy a restaurant or other business is before we get there. Thus, Google Maps will soon be able to show the occupancy level of a place directly on the map view.

As we know and use, Google Maps has been offering occupation indicators for a long time, the ability to know approximately how many people are in a given place. In addition, we can even compare for days and hours to see when you have more visits. However, as it is now, we always have to click on the establishment and open more information related to the choice.

So, Google at the event Search On, left some news about some new Google Search features and related products like the Assistant and Google Maps. During the event, Prabhakar Raghavan, Head of Research and Assistant at Google, shared that the occupancy indicators will be visible directly on the map.

In a simulated demonstration, Google Maps will place indicators such as "Busier than usual" and "As busy as possible" under the names of the locations. This should help to make it easier to see which places you might avoid when trying to maintain appropriate social distance, or even just to sit at a table faster.

In addition, it can be useful to get an idea of ​​how busy a wider area is, rather than just the narrow view of individual places. In that sense, Maps on Android and iOS will be able to show how busy a place is when we are navigating to that location.

And when will this feature reach devices?

There is no doubt that it is an asset in the times that we are living. The numbers of contagions are frightening and proactive surveillance is required. Those responsible responded that these indicators will soon be available, but they have not advanced with any date.

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