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Google began to end access to the Play Music application on Android and on the computer for users in Brazil this week.

When you open the app on your phone, people are warned that the app is no longer available, along with the option to transfer songs and playlists to YouTube Music, Google’s streaming service.

A second button shows the alternative of downloading the library to the computer or cell phone.

Notice in the Google Play Music app says users can migrate to YouTube Music. – Photo: Reproduction

When accessing Google Play Music from your computer, a page displays a similar message.

Still not clear whether the downloaded tracks will have limitations on the free version of YouTube Music, which plays ads between songs and does not allow downloading to listen without internet.

THE G1 contacted Google and, until the publication of this report, received no response.

Play Music stops working from now on, but users can download their data and music until December. After that date, the material will be deleted.

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The migration plans had been announced by Google in August, and are part of the company’s strategy to focus its efforts on YouTube Music.

How to transfer songs

To migrate to the other Google service, just press the “Switch to YouTube Music” button, which appears when you open the application.

According to Google, the Google Play Music library is transferred, with:

  • the songs sent and purchased;
  • playlists and various stations;
  • albums and songs in your library;
  • the tracks with “I liked” and “I didn’t like”;
  • your subscription billing information if you are a Google Play Music subscriber.

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