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Although they are not successful here in Brazil, smart displays are already part of Google’s global strategy to further increase its presence in the daily lives of the population. We are talking about devices like the Nest Hub, which go beyond offering the features of a smart speaker by also offering a touch screen (useful for consuming content and facilitating interaction with the operating system).

Well, on Monday (19), the company announced a series of novelties for this ecosystem, which includes a complete redesign of the interface of the operating system that equips such gadgets. It gains a more intuitive look, with features separated into five different tabs.

In the first tab, which changes its name according to the time of day (Your Morning, Your Afternoon, Your Evening, etc.), the smart display will start providing contextualized information that may be useful for that moment, including the weather forecast for the next hours, calendar appointments, and so on. All of these cards can be touched to display more information.

On the left, we have the tabs Home Control (which centralizes commands for connected devices, including smart lamps), Media (where you can discover and play multimedia content, including services like Spotify and Netflix), Communicate (focused on communication applications like Meet and Zoom) and Discover (which simply brings tips for you to get more out of the device itself).

Useful at all times

In order for you to sleep and wake up better, the devices will also be able to reproduce relaxing sounds during the night (like rain noise) and will gradually increase the brightness of the display during 30 minutes before the time set in the alarm – a novelty that aims to simulate the sunrise .

The interface also gains a dark mode (Dark Mode) that is automatically activated according to the time or ambient lighting. Finally, a feature much requested by users will finally be launched: the possibility to synchronize more than one Google account to the calendar feature, thus allowing you to view appointments from both your personal and professional calendar, for example.

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With the news, smart displays become much more useful than they were until then, becoming another way to consume multimedia content and be more than a “smart speaker with a screen”. Unfortunately, such gadgets are not yet officially marketed in Brazil, being possible to purchase them only via independent import.

Source: Google

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