Government delays payment of those who had reduced salary


More than 236,700 workers who have had their salary reduced or their employment contract suspended in the covid-19 pandemic will receive the benefit of delayed salary supplementation this month.

The benefit has been paid monthly by the federal government since May, but suffered a processing incident this month. Dataprev confirmed the failure.

“Last Monday, 26, an occurrence was identified in the processing carried out by Dataprev in the parcels of lot 27, after the implementation of a new routine in the company’s system, which made the payment on the date foreseen for this group of workers unfeasible”, said Dataprev, in a note that is also signed by the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor of the Ministry of Economy.

The agency also informed that the incident will delay the payments of BEm that were foreseen for this Tuesday, but also for this Wednesday, 28, and Thursday, 29.

In other words, it will affect 236,780 workers who would receive a total of R $ 191.9 million through Caixa Econômica Federal this week.

Dataprev guaranteed, in turn, that the situation has already been corrected and informed that the forecast is that the payment will be made on Friday, 30.


Called the Emergency Employment and Income Preservation Benefit (BEm), the salary supplement was created by Provisional Measure 936, which allowed Brazilian companies and workers to make work contract flexibility agreements during the covid-19 pandemic.

It is a benefit that provides for the payment of unemployment insurance to those who have had their contract suspended and a portion of unemployment insurance to those who have had work hours and reduced wages.

Information: Braziliense Mail


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