Government extends decree of public calamity for coronavirus in Santa Catarina | Anderson Silva


The state of public calamity due to the coronavirus was extended in Santa Catarina. The decision is in the Official Gazette of the State (DOE) of this Wednesday (14). The act provides for the extension of the condition until December 31, 2020. The text signed by Governor Carlos Moisés da Silva is an increase in Decree 562/2020, which had established the initial six-month term since April 17.

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The decisions made by the Health Department pass directly through the state of public calamity. In addition to serving as a beacon for deadlines, the decree also allows the State to expedite hiring during the pandemic period.

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The text of regulation 562/2020 provides general rules for coping with the disease in SC. Since its first edition, the government has made different updates such as the inclusion of the risk map and the colors that allow the reopening of activities according to the situation in each region.

In March, deputies also passed a legislative decree on public calamity. The text that came out of the Legislative Assembly (Alesc) already predicted the condition in the State until the end of 2020.


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