Government makes agreement to pay debt with Roraima Energia


Information is that state management was able to reduce by R $ 220 million part of the total amount of debts with the energy concessionaire

An agreement regarding the debt of R $ 739 million was signed this Wednesday (14), between the governor Antonio Denarium (without party) and Roraima Energia. The understanding is that the state management will settle R $ 323 million of the total debt. The adjustment happens after the service has been suspended in state departments this Wednesday, 14.

The information is that of the amount of R $ 323 million, the Government closed an agreement and reduced the debt to R $ 103 million to be paid five times, generating savings of R $ 220 million.

The Government explains that these R $ 323 million in debts refer to unpaid bills for the supply of energy to the Companhia de Desenvolvimento de Roraima (Codesaima) and secretaries and direct administration bodies.



The State debt was updated at R $ 287 million, with deduction of interest, fines and charges, but was reduced to R $ 85 million. Codesaima’s debt, which totaled R $ 35 million, was reduced to R $ 17 million. The executive branch argues that the high cost is the result of 22 years of unpaid bills and debts left by previous management.

Next week, the energy concessionaire should negotiate the debts with the Companhia de Águas e Esgotos de Roraima (Caer), of over R $ 110 million, informed the Executive Branch.

?? We made an agreement, by videoconference, with Roraima Energia. The population of the State need not worry that I am committed to honoring payments on time, saving public money and ending corruption, will I not let Roraima lose power ??, declared Governor Antonio Denarium (without a party). ?? The government of the State of Roraima, with this agreement, will never delay a single day of paying the electricity bill again ??, added the manager.

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